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Our Quarterly Issue 11

Welcome from Lucinda Atkinson

I am pleased to welcome you to Issue 11 of our quarterly newsletter.

Since our last edition, the centre has continued its mission to lift counter-fraud capability across the Commonwealth. We have been busy delivering our first Controlling Fraud Risk workshops and promoting our new Fraud Data Analytics webinar. We have also started to pilot a 5-day Fraud Practitioner Training Course.

This newsletter’s activities snapshot highlights the amazing work we have accomplished in the last year, and summarises the stakeholder feedback from our Annual Centre Survey. Your feedback will help us shape our work plan for the coming year.

The centre is also preparing activities for Fraud Awareness Week 2022. Details can be found below and a registration email was sent out last week.

Building capability through our people


The capability of people is critical to the success of any endeavour. This is also true in our efforts to combat counter-fraud. Our new Learning and Development Strategy details how we plan to build counter-fraud expertise across Australian Government entities by embedding knowledge about leading practices and frameworks over the next few years.

Spotlight on the centre’s Capability Development Support Package

We recently interviewed Stella Birch, Integrity Risk Specialist at ASIC, on their experience engaging with the centre’s Capability Development Support Package.

Managing integrity risk through effective controls

Robust frameworks and control environments are key to protecting the APS, and the businesses and citizens that we interact with, from the growing economic and societal problem of fraud. To help entities strengthen their counter-fraud approach, the centre has developed an extensive catalogue of common fraud controls.

Launch of the UK’s Public Sector Fraud Authority

The United Kingdom’s Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA) was launched on 3 August 2022. The authority will consist of counter-fraud and data experts, using best-in-class tools and advanced analytics to help departments and public bodies protect public money.

New publications from the centre

Guide on the Practical Use of Fraudster Personas

Our Practical Use of Fraudster Personas Guide will teach you how to use the 8 Fraudster Personas in 8 very practical ways to develop your counter-fraud capability.

View the guide on the website.

Cost of Living Measures Counter Fraud Toolkit

To support Australian Government entities in the lead up to the October Federal Budget, the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre has developed and released a new Cost of Living Measures Counter Fraud Toolkit.

The purpose of this toolkit is to help counter-fraud and risk practitioners engage with policy and business teams to co-design more fraud-resilient programs and measures.

Email to request a copy of the report.

Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre: 2021-22 Activity Snapshot

The centre is working to build better and more consistent approaches across Australian government entities to prevent and detect fraud. Our activity snapshot provides a summary of our achievements in 2021-22, how we are addressing key fraud problems and what our stakeholders think about us.

Email to request a copy of the report.

The Importance of case studies

Do you have an interesting case study to share? Then we want to hear from you!

Many of today’s frauds are old schemes dressed up in new technology. Case studies are an excellent way of taking a deep dive into the mechanics of how a fraud occurred. We can learn a lot from sharing case studies across Commonwealth entities.

Read about why case studies are so important in helping you understand and communicate the fraud problem on the centre’s website.

The centre’s online case studies register is looking for new case studies to help demonstrate the current spectrum of fraud and non-compliance that occurs in and against the Australian Government.

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing or submit your case studies via our submission page.

Fraud Awareness Week 2022

International Fraud Awareness Week is just around the corner and we are excitedly finalising our activities for fraud week. Make a note in your diary and join us from 13 - 19 November 2022 in raising awareness of fraud and how upholding integrity starts with the individual. Keep an eye out for our schedule and digital promotional pack released in October 2022.

And while you wait:

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