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Spotlight on the Centre's Capability Development Support Package

In 2022, the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre developed a Capability Development Support Package to help entities take proactive steps to increase their capability to identify and prevent fraud.

This Capability Development Support Package includes the following support:

  • interactive online or in-person workshops on topics such as:
    • counter-fraud narratives
    • fraud risk assessment¬†
    • controlling fraud risk
    • data sharing and use, and
    • pressure testing.
  • guidance on developing fraud control plans and strategies as well as tools including our Fraudster Personas and Catalogue of Countermeasures
  • connecting the entity to relevant stakeholders, communities and forums.

The centre delivered the Capability Development Support Package earlier in 2022 with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We asked ASIC Integrity Risk Specialist Stella Birch about her experience.

Q. What benefits has ASIC experienced from participating in the Capability Development Support Package?
Partnering with the centre to tailor the delivery of a series of workshops on fraud risk identification and control testing enabled ASIC to embark on a dialogue with key risk owners and subject matter experts on the importance of fraud risk management with the added authority of outside expertise. The workshops were engaging and practical and stakeholders reported that they were valuable.

Q. Has the Capability Development Support Package led to additional counter-fraud activities?
Since completing the work with the centre, we have incorporated a version of their approach and some of the great materials, such as the Fraudster Personas, into a soon to be launched Fraud Risk Management Handbook. The handbook will be used as a guide to increase the capability of our risk and process owners so that they will have a better understand their obligations in relation to identifying and managing fraud risk as well as the importance of regular control testing.

Q. What would you say to another agency who might be considering the Capability Development Support Package?
If you are in the initial stage of developing your internal fraud program maturity, working with the centre is a great way to raise the profile of fraud risk management within your organisation by building around the offerings they provide.
The process and preparation were straightforward and the centre team were dedicated to ensuring that our identified needs were met.

Q. What aspects of the Capability Development Support Package did you enjoy most?
We enjoyed the delivery of the online workshops, which were well run and very engaging. The activities were well thought out and well received, particularly by non-specialists.

Use our contact us form if you would like to know more or would like the centre to deliver a Capability Development Support Package to your entity.

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