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The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre within the Attorney-General's Department was established in July 2019 to strengthen the counter-fraud capability of Australian Government entities.

How we can help

General support to strengthen Australian Government counter-fraud arrangements

If you're an Australian Government entity we will continue to help you by:

  • continuing to publish and share free and accessible guidance, tools and information to help you prevent, detect, respond to and report fraud
  • facilitating discussion and collaboration through events, forums, communities of practice and subject matter specific working groups to approach collective challenges and solutions together
  • providing training and workshops to build counter-fraud expertise across the Australian Government
  • developing a better evidence base and understanding of the problem of fraud in Australia.

Direct support for entities looking to improve capability

If you're an Australian Government entity looking to take proactive steps to develop your counter-fraud capability, we can help you to:

  • design fraud resilient policies and programs
  • improve your fraud risk assessment processes
  • implement processes to pressure test your programs and functions for vulnerabilities
  • share and analyse data to find and prevent fraud
  • identify how to measure fraud in your entity and the impact of your counter-fraud activities
  • prepare compelling counter-fraud narratives and investment cases.

Mutual support for entities with established capabilities

If you're an Australian Government entity, integrity agency or regulator with more established capability, we can help you by:

  • promoting and supporting your initiatives
  • sharing your experience and capability with others to help them find and prevent fraud in other government programs and policies
  • providing a united position on key policy issues
  • delivering joint projects and activities that help maintain and improve Australia's security and integrity frameworks.

Contact us if you require any of the supports listed above. It is provided on an 'as requested' basis.

Our 2022-23 focus


We will equip Australian Government entities with guidance and tools to strengthen counter-fraud capability. In 2022-23, we will:

  • produce guidance on:
    • enterprise fraud risk reporting and profiling, including creating an Australian Government fraud risk profile
    • fraud data analytics
    • countering fraud during policy and program design, implementation and transformation
    • practical use of the fraudster personas
    • sharing data, information and intelligence to counter-fraud
  • lead a working group to co-author a new whole-of-government Insider Threat guide
  • work with the UK to co-author a fraud prevention standard
  • grow the online case studies register
  • maintain and grow as the central hub for counter-fraud policy and practice in the Australian Government.


We will enable Australian Government entities to respond to emerging issues, connect, collaborate and share data and information. In 2023-23, we will:

  • facilitate practitioner networking groups that bring together subject experts to share guidance and experience from across the Commonwealth
  • facilitate senior forums like the Commonwealth Senior Officers Fraud Forum and Counter Fraud Reference Group
  • release a quarterly newsletter
  • continue to represent Australia at a range of international forums
  • form a partnership with the UK’s Public Sector Fraud Authority to enhance our ability to learn from the UK, and pass those lessons to our stakeholders in the Australian Government
  • develop and pilot a new international counter-fraud secondment policy with the 5 eyes nations
  • build awareness of the counter-fraud landscape picture and the opportunities for synergies across entities and frameworks to achieve shared objectives
  • produce guidance on sharing data, information and intelligence to counter-fraud.


We will empower Australian Government entities to create positive change and embed leading practice capability. In 2022-23, we will:

  • investigate how to develop a pathway to a Counter Fraud Profession
  • collaborate with the Australian Institute of Criminology to make ongoing improvements to the Fraud Census and obtain greater insights from available data
  • develop timelines on cyber crime and identity fraud to show the chain of events leading to crime and identity misuse
  • develop a fraud data capability assessment tool
  • Counter Fraud Practitioner Training Programs in a variety of locations for our Commonwealth government community of practice stakeholders
  • undertake a review and update the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework
  • work with key stakeholders on how to assess fraud capability in an entity

How to reach out

Contact us to learn more about our projects, discuss how we can help you or collaborate.