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An image of the equip, enable and empower toolbox

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre was established on 1 July 2019 as a two-year pilot within the Attorney-General's Department.

We equip, enable and empower Commonwealth entities to deal with unseen and unchecked fraud.



In 2020 we are:

  • helping entities explore how they may be defrauded and the countermeasures they can use
  • helping entities test their vulnerability to fraud by creating a Commonwealth pressure testing framework and working with up to two entities to test this framework
  • publishing guidance on:
    • measuring the total impact of fraud
    • fraud personas and effective counter measures
    • the leading practice in fit and proper person tests
    • making an investment case for counter fraud.



In 2020 we are:

  • facilitating up to three data sharing and analytic pilots to help entities better understand and fight fraud
  • running interactive workshops to help entities scope future pilots
  • offering a review service where entities are experiencing data sharing issues
  • publishing guidance for all entities on:
    • leading practice on running data pilots to fight fraud
    • sharing information to find and fight fraud.



In 2020 we are:

  • developing and share a compelling narrative on Commonwealth fraud
  • offering a service to help entities develop their own narratives on fraud
  • working with the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Australian Federal Police to improve the evidence base on Commonwealth fraud.


How to get support

Many of our services are offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Contact us if you would like support with:

  • data sharing pilots to find fraud
  • interactive workshops to scope your own data pilots
  • reviewing where you have data sharing barriers
  • testing your fraud vulnerabilities through a recognised framework
  • developing the narrative and case for investment in counter fraud activity.