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Launch of the UK's Public Sector Fraud Authority

The United Kingdom's Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA) was launched on 3 August 2022. The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre  will work with the PSFA, which will be made up of counter-fraud and data experts, using best-in-class tools and advanced analytics to help departments and public bodies protect public money.


Backed by £25 million of new funding, the PSFA will modernise the UK Government's counter-fraud response, working with departments and public bodies to test their fraud defences, using leading practice and modern techniques and helping them put stronger safeguards in place. The PSFA will do this by:

  • agreeing to ambitious counter-fraud plans for departments and public bodies and reviewing progress
  • regularly and directly briefing Cabinet Ministers including HM Treasury and Cabinet Office on the latest fraud landscape
  • providing expert support to departments and public bodies about the fraud risks and threats they face, then help to design defences against them and test their effectiveness
  • building a new National Counter Fraud Data Analytics Service that will provide advanced data capabilities, such as social network analysis, to locate, fight and prevent fraud against taxpayers
  • enhancing the use of fraud intelligence across the public sector, and with other sectors, to combat specific threats.

See the Public Sector Fraud Authority's brochure for more information.

PSFA interim chief executive officer Mark Cheeseman OBE answered questions about the PSFA’s role in protecting taxpayer’s money from fraud. See the full interview on the Civil Service World website.

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre will be working closely with the PSFA to identify joint projects and lessons applicable across the international borders.

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