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Time up for tax evader

Australian Federal Police
Date published
April 2021

Relevant impacts: Financial impact and government outcomes impact

A 65-year-old Perth man allegedly failed to declare income from a $7 million royalty payment that was paid to a company under his control.

He therefore dishonestly avoided paying more than $2.57 million in tax-related liabilities including $700,000 in GST and an income tax of more than $1.87 million.

It is also alleged that he posed as an ATO debt management director during a phone call to an accountant to try to find out what questions the Australian Federal Police had been asking about the matter.

The man has been charged with dishonestly causing a loss to another person, dishonestly obtaining a gain from another person, obtaining financial advantage by deception and impersonating an Australian Government official.

Related countermeasures

Collaborate with strategic partners such as other government entities, committees, working groups and taskforces. This allows you to share capability, information and intelligence and to prevent and disrupt fraud.

Verify any requests or claim information you receive with an independent and credible source.

Internal or external audits or reviews evaluate the process, purpose and outcome of activities. Clients, public officials or contractors can take advantage of weaknesses in government programs and systems to commit fraud, act corruptly, and avoid exposure.

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