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Industry driven to fraud: instructors passing incompetent drivers

ABC News
Date published
May 2022

Relevant impacts: Human impact

Following receipt of more than 40 complaints to the Office for Public Integrity about the conduct of authorised South Australian driving examiners, an investigation was launched by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption into the conduct of examiners.

The ICAC investigation found bribery of instructors to be "prevalent" in South Australia, with examiners accepting bribes, threatening students with failure and passing others who broke road rules during tests. The report also found there had has been a pattern of bribery allegations within South Australia's multicultural communities.

The ICAC report includes several recommendations for reform.

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Related countermeasures

Allow clients, staff and third parties to lodge complaints about actions or decisions they disagree with. This may help identify fraud or corruption, such as failure to receive an expected payment.

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