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We help the Commonwealth deal with unseen and unchecked fraud.

Equip, enable and empower


We equip Commonwealth entities with practical guidance and tools to prevent fraud.


We enable Commonwealth entities to collaborate and share information to find and fight fraud.


We empower Commonwealth entities with knowledge and evidence to help influence positive change.

Fast facts

$ 361 m

is estimated to be lost from active fraud investigations.

$ 3 b

directly and indirectly lost to identity crime. 

$ 528 m

reported card fraud in Australia in the 2018-19 financial year.

Key publications

This Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework sets out recommended best practice, key principles and materials for conducting pressure testing within Commonwealth entities.

This guide provides key principles and methods taken from leading practices across public and private sectors. Commonwealth entities can apply or adapt these methods to suit their individual circumstances. The guide will also help fraud specialists, government officials (including policy designers) and senior leaders better understand the fraud risk assessment process and how these assessments can benefit their entity.

This guide is for Commonwealth officials who want to start applying pressure testing within a Commonwealth entity. It contains 10 practical and flexible steps that officials can use to adopt pressure testing. This guide should be read in conjunction with the Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework.


General news
Discover how the UK Government has rapidly deployed new data pilots to combat fraud against COVID-19 support measures. Learn about advancements in Australia, including the release of the Centre’s new ‘Data Pilot Leading Practice Guidance’.

General news
Between January and June 2021, we are running tailored counter fraud narrative workshops to help individual Commonwealth entities craft their counter fraud narrative.

Centre updates

Centre updates
Find out what we have achieved throughout 2020 and our plan for the first half of 2021. Learn about new tools now available to support your counter fraud activities.

Centre updates
Find out what the Centre has been working on in this last quarter and what new tools are now available to support your counter fraud activities. This quarter the Centre began to return to business as usual after being part of the COVID-19 Taskforce.

Find where to report fraud if you are a victim of fraud, witness fraud or suspect fraud.

Find where to report fraud