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Find where to report fraud

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The Attorney-General's Department is unable to investigate fraud allegations relating to other Australia Government departments. The Attorney-General's Department is responsible for fraud control policy at the Commonwealth level and does not have an investigatory role.

Our role is to build the counter fraud capability of Australian Government entities.

We are unable to provide help to individuals as we do not investigate fraud.

Discover where you should go to report fraud or seek help below.

How to report fraud that occurred against me

First steps you should undertake:

  • Call 000 if your life is in danger.
  • Look after your mental health by reaching out to Lifeline for 24/7 crisis support on 13 11 14 or by the online chat. These types of services are here to support you during times of crisis.
  • Contact IDCARE (1800 595 160) if you have concerns about your identity or related cyber security. IDCARE is a national identity and cyber support service that can help you reduce harm from identity compromise.

Secondly, make reports to:

How to report fraud against the Australian Government

Report suspected fraud directly to the relevant entity as it will have processes in place to manage these reports:

If you are a current public official, you can report suspected fraud to your immediate supervisor or the internal counter fraud team/official. Alternatively, if you are a current or former public official, you can also raise your concerns through a Public Interest Disclosure (PID) direct to the authorised officer. A PID can be made by telephone, in writing (including email) or in person.

If you are unhappy with an Australian Government entity response, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman who may help find a solution.

How to report fraud against an individual, private business or a state or territory government entity

Contact your local state or territory police on 131 444 or by their website:

You may also be able to report suspected fraud directly to a relevant state or territory government entity.

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