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Launch Support Package – Building your fraud capability

In October last year, we began piloting our Launch Support Package with the Australian Passport Office (APO). The Launch Support Package is a dedicated service offer for policy and program design teams to increase their capability to identify and prevent fraud. We are piloting this package with the APO’s Policy and Complex Case Management (PCCM) Branch to coincide with their work to review and redesign passport policies.

As part of the Launch Support Package, Counter Fraud Specialists from the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre are:

  • attending policy design workshops, reviewing documentation and providing advice on fraud risks and mitigations
  • delivering workshops on fraud risk assessments, narrative, pressure testing and data sharing
  • providing guidance on developing fraud control plans and strategies as well as our innovative tools including our Fraudster Personas and Catalogue of Countermeasures
  • connecting members of the PCCM Branch to relevant stakeholders, communities and forums.

During the fraud risk assessment workshop in December, the Centre shared insights and knowledge on managing fraud risks against the Australian Government. This included several interactive activities, such as mapping Fraudster Personas against a process map to identify potential threats, and helping attendees describe these threats using the actor, action, outcome model. We also provided useful tools and techniques to the APO on mitigating threats and embedding fraud control principles and practices in policy design. Those who attended the workshop were highly engaged and identified a number of areas within their policies where they can improve their fraud control capability.

To measure the impact and success of the Launch Support Package, we have created a pre and post engagement fraud capability survey. At the end of the pilot, we will analyse the surveys and provide our findings and recommendations to the APO.

Please reach out using the contact us form if you would like to know more or are interested in taking part in our Launch Support Package.

Author: Emma Daniell

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