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Fraud Awareness Week 2022 - Reflections

The poster used for the FAW 2022 campaign featured 3 individuals. The individual in the middle is wearing a red cape and holding the letters ‘INTEGRITY’ in their hands. The other 2 individuals are on the left and right of the middle figure. They have dark shadows that indicate behaviour that may lack integrity. The poster reads: Upholding integrity starts with you’

International Fraud Awareness Week took place from 13-19 November 2022. The annual week-long campaign encourages Australian Government officials to proactively take steps to minimise the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education.

The topic we chose for 2022 was 'Upholding integrity, it starts with you!’ We chose this topic as there are significant integrity reforms happening across government. Individuals have a key role to play in these reforms.

During Fraud Awareness Week 2022 we hosted 3 webinars that were attended by officials from more than 75 federal, state and territory government entities. During the week, we also supported other entities by presenting at other Fraud Awareness Week events, and released promotional material to support other entities with their Fraud Awareness Week activities.

More than 900 people dialled into our webinars, which was a 50% increase from Fraud Awareness Week in 2021. We’re delighted that our stakeholder base continues to grow, as does interest in attending Fraud Awareness Week events. From survey results we know that:

  • - 92% of attendees rated the webinars as ‘very good’ or ‘good’, and
  • - 81% of attendees thought these webinars were relevant to their role.

We also received some great feedback:

“I really enjoyed the conversation about what integrity means for the panellists, because I'd not thought before about how a pro-integrity culture strengthens individuals and organisations against fraud and corruption. Thank you.”

The panel discussions and presentations were a great opportunity for attendees to learn from and engage with a diverse group of leaders on their experience and approaches to upholding integrity. A key theme that linked the sessions was the relationship between integrity, fraud and corruption.

Senior executives discussed the importance of a pro-integrity culture during the ‘Integrity in Government’ session. A culture that encourages honest, ethical and transparent behaviour is a key organisational strength that can reduce the risk of fraud and corruption. Culture is driven by individuals, which is why it is important for Australian Government officials to understand the impact they can have on the culture of their team and entity.

Thank you again to our amazing panellists, presenters and those who joined us in raising awareness of fraud and minimising its impact. We are looking forward to delivering International Fraud Awareness Week in 2023.

If you would like to access to the session’s recordings, contact the Centre.

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