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Data sharing – we can help!

In the modern world, data underpins the vast majority of our interactions and is a huge asset. Governments can use data in a number of ways, including to better target and deliver services. Data also gives you an opportunity to better detect, disrupt and prevent fraud, protecting taxpayer’s money and the services they depend on.

Data sharing can be one of the most effective tools in the fight against fraud – this is evidenced by approaches used by the banking, insurance and public sectors both here and overseas.

While we are starting to use these more widely across the Australian Government, there is work to be done by looking for opportunities to share and match data across the Australian Government and with other sectors, entities will be able to better prevent, detect and respond to fraud.

Start with a data sharing pilot!

A data pilot is a way of designing and implementing a new data sharing arrangement to test whether the sharing of data can detect, disrupt or prevent fraud. If the pilot shows the concept to be successful, then there is the opportunity to establish an ongoing or automated data sharing arrangement. The key aims of a data pilot are to test the quality, performance, reliability and value of the arrangement before increasing its scale or establishing repeatable or automatic data sharing.

Using a pilot approach can help you prove the concept with fewer resources and avoid common mistakes that can contribute to the failure of new projects.

We can help

We have developed the Data Sharing Pilots Leading Practice Guide, which sets out a 5-phase process to undertake data sharing pilots, and reflects leading practice approaches and principles that have been developed and tested through multiple data pilots delivered in the UK and Australia.

The Centre has places available for facilitated Data Sharing Pilots in 2022 - we can facilitate data sharing pilots between you and another entity and guide you both through the process.

We also run 1-to-1 workshops to help your team learn about leading practice processes when designing new data and information sharing projects. The workshops explore potential solutions for the fraud problems you are experiencing.

Contact us if you are interested in arranging a data sharing pilot or organising a data sharing pilot workshop.

Author: Melissa Mills

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