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Consultation on the Fraud and Corruption Policy

The Centre is reviewing and updating the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework. The Framework consists of 3 elements:

  1. the Fraud Rule: Section 10 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014
  2. the Fraud Policy: The Commonwealth Fraud Control Policy
  3. the Fraud Guidance: The Resource Management Guide No. 201: Prevention, detecting and dealing with fraud.

We are well-progressed with the Fraud Rule updates. Many entities contributed useful feedback In February 2023 on the proposed amendments to section 10 of the Fraud Rule. Changes to the Fraud Rule have recently been agreed to by the government, including the addition of corruption to the remit of the framework.

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The Centre is now consulting on proposed amendments to the draft Policy. The Policy has been substantially rewritten to logically flow alongside section 10 of the PGPA Rule. The draft Policy clauses align and build upon requirements in the new Fraud and Corruption Rule, outlining the minimum procedural requirements required to establish and maintain an appropriate system of fraud and corruption control.

Where possible, the draft Policy reflects language or mandatory elements from the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy. This aims at reducing administrative burden for entities, who may choose to align fraud and corruption risk management with the entity’s broader risk management framework. 

The draft Policy establishes new requirements to ensure entities prevent, detect and deal with corruption. For the purposes of the Fraud and Corruption Rule and Policy, a definition of corruption is provided in the glossary. This definition is broader but captures that of corrupt conduct in the National Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2022 to enable referrals to the National Anti-Corruption Commission as required.

How to get involved

A draft Fraud and Corruption Policy was distributed in late May 2023, via a mailout to all PGPA entity CFOs and LLOs for internal coordination and feedback. The draft Policy has also been shared with our Commonwealth Senior Officers Fraud Forum and Commonwealth Fraud Reference Group contacts, to ensure it reaches relevant areas for feedback.

Implementation timeframes

Following this consultation period, the updated Fraud and Corruption Rule and Policy will be available for viewing in mid-2023, however new obligations will not take effect until mid-2024 to enable entities time to prepare and implement any required changes.

The Centre will also be updating the Resource Management Guide 201 to assist entities in meeting their fraud and corruption control obligations.

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