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The Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework is undergoing a refresh!

Framework diagram reflecting contents of framework

Fraud control testing capability has been expanding in Australia and in other international jurisdictions such as the United States (US) over the last few years. Now, it is heading to the United Kingdom (UK).

One of the exciting projects the Centre’s Director, Chris McDermott worked on as part of his secondment to the UK Public Sector Fraud Authority was to establish a draft fraud control testing framework for counter-fraud functions within public bodies across the UK Government.

Chris worked in collaboration with stakeholders from the UK, Australia, the US Government Accountability Office and Canada to build on the Centre’s Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework and create a new draft of the Fraud Control Testing Framework, reflecting international leading practice in fraud control testing.

The draft framework sets out the key principles, processes and tools for conducting fraud control testing. It is not only a great resource for UK public bodies but for entities within Australia and other jurisdictions also who are looking to implement or strengthen their fraud control testing program.

A primary feature of the draft framework are the flexible testing approaches, which can accommodate the different needs, resources and capabilities of entities. For example, entities can start small and choose the most appropriate testing process to suit their needs, including:

  • testing an individual control (generally a critical control)
  • testing multiple controls (generally the most critical controls) within a specific program or business process.

Other framework enhancements include:

  • updated guidance on the benefits of control testing and governance arrangements to consider when establishing a control testing program
  • information about the training and skills recommended for fraud control testers
  • new practical tools and templates to help:
    • plan a fraud control testing approach
    • identify the most critical controls across a process to test
    • identify vulnerabilities at different points in a process by combining business process mapping with the Centre’s Fraudster Personas.

The draft framework is being piloted in the UK and is available for use by entities in Australia. After evaluating the results of the UK pilot activities we expect to publish the final updated version of the Fraud Control Testing Framework in late 2023. This framework will then replace the Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework.

Want to learn more about fraud control testing?

The Centre has a flexible and accessible range of learning and development offerings to increase your fraud control testing capability. This includes:

  • guidance and tools to help Australian Government entities improve their counter fraud capability, including access to the draft Fraud Control Testing Framework (please email us at for a copy of the draft framework)
  • Counter Fraud Practitioner Training Program: Intensive whole day workshops for practitioners looking to enhance and apply their knowledge of core disciplines, including fraud control testing, with specialised coaching support available
  • Fraud Awareness Week 2023 webinars.

If you would like further information, please contact us at

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