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Australian Institute of Criminology Fraud Census Update

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) coordinates the annual fraud against the Australian Government census. For the first time the AIC is developing tailored entity-level reports to help your entity compare its fraud data against other similar entities. Similar entities are based on the number of staff and functions.

The AIC will provide these entity level reports in addition to the annual Fraud Census Report which is published before 30 June every year. The AIC's most recent publications can be found on AIC's website.

There are several areas that will be included in your entity reports, such as:

  • the number of substantiated allegations (sufficient evidence provided to support the allegation)
  • finalised investigations
  • dollars lost/recovered
  • the top methods of detection and investigation.

This information will help you choose a counter fraud approach best suited to your individual risk profile, track progress over time and help with internal reporting.

Although the AIC is using a standard template for the first version, it welcomes any feedback to improve these reports and make them as useful as possible. Email with any suggestions, recommendations, input or feedback about these tailored reports. The AIC would also like to know which areas from the 2019–20 census you are interested in comparing your entity against.

Keep an eye out for these reports being sent via email between July and October 2021. Email to update your details if your fraud officer contact has recently changed.

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