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2020 and 2021 Stakeholder Survey results

In 2020, we conducted a survey to ask our stakeholders a series of questions about the Centre’s effectiveness. We also used the survey to determine if stakeholders are well equipped to deal with fraud and what we could do to provide better support.

In 2021, we conducted a similar survey to see how we were progressing and what we should focus on over the next 12 months. The survey also sought advice on how we can continue to build the counter fraud capability of the Australian Government.

Key results from the 2020 survey

Positively, the survey identified that respondents were pleased with our performance. Many respondents are happy with our work and had a positive experience when engaging with us. Our stakeholders found us supportive, responsive and appreciate our leading practice guides and resources. In addition, 87.6% of respondents agreed that Australian Government entities would benefit from our continued existence.

Unseen and unchecked fraud is a continuing problem and 86% of survey respondents agreed it will likely increase in the next few years. Of concern, survey respondents did not feel adequately equipped to deal with fraud and 49.7% disagreed they have enough resources. Additionally, 44% of our stakeholders disagreed they have adequate capability.

The survey identified ways we can help entities counter fraud. Survey respondents would like to see an increase in information sharing arrangements among entities through improved processes, legislative changes and clear guidance on how to share data. We also noted respondents would like to see more fraud awareness tools and resources, internal fraud case studies and examples of fraud risk and control assessments.

Key results from the 2021 survey

Again, we continued to be a valuable resource for entities with 83% of survey respondents agreeing we have helped them to improve their capability and capacity to counter fraud.

The survey found we have an opportunity to increase entity engagement with our products and services including narrative workshops, pressure testing workshops and data analytic conferences.

We asked survey respondents to order their counter fraud priorities over the next 12 months. Entities are looking to:

  • build general capability and expertise to counter fraud
  • build counter fraud into policy and program design, implementation and transformation
  • influence officials in their entity to prioritise countering fraud
  • collaborate with other entities and establish data/information arrangements to counter fraud.

This information helped us to focus our work over the next year and make sure we are providing the best support to entities.

The surveys provided valuable insights into our work which we will use to improve the way we help entities deal with fraud.

Author: Emma Daniell

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