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Our Quarterly Issue 9

Welcome from Lavinia Gracik-Anczewska

Lavinia Gracik-Anczewska profile picture

I am Lavinia Gracik-Anczewska the acting Assistant Secretary of the Fraud Prevention and Anti-Corruption branch, and I am pleased to welcome you to Issue 9 of our most recent edition of the quarterly newsletter.

From 2-6 May we held the Trilateral Counter Fraud Summit where we hosted delegates from the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from our closest international partners, but also to share those lessons with our domestic stakeholders. The last quarter has been busy but productive. We updated the Fraud Risk Assessment Leading Practice Guide and released our first Australian Government Fraud Risk Profile. With regards to stakeholder activities, we hosted the Counter Fraud Reference Group, facilitated narrative roundtable discussions and held our new Communities of Practice (COP). We've also kickstarted a number of new projects which will be delivered over the course of 2022, and we're looking forward to collaborating and sharing the final products later this year.

Finally, make sure you don't miss out on learning or networking opportunities by joining our quarterly COP meetings. If you would like to be even more involved we are currently looking for COP Champions to share ideas and help plan future meetings. Please email if you would like to be involved.

Our January - March 2022 achievements

Check out our July-December 2021 achievements.

New pressure testing tool to help access fraud control criticality

Assessing the criticality of fraud controls in pressure testing can be subjective. To help guide entities with this process, the Centre has recently developed a new Control Criticality Assessment tool.

Be reassured about fraud insurance!

Did you know Australian Government entities can make claims to Comcover for fraud events?

Interning at the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre

Emily Drummond shares her experience interning with the Centre and developing a research paper on preventive policies in government departments.

Find out more about Emily's experience at the Centre

Vaccine related fraud and security risks

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement committee tabled an interim report on COVID-19 vaccine related fraud and security risks. Visit the Australian Parliament House website If you would like to view the report to see what finding they have made.

Corruption Vulnerabilities Brief 2020-21

ACLEI's Corruption Vulnerabilities Brief 2020-21 provides an overview of the corruption vulnerabilities identified between July 2020 and June 2021. Visit the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity website for the full report.

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