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Our Quarterly Issue 5

Welcome from Esther Bogaart

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Welcome to our quarter 1 newsletter of 2021.

For the remainder of this financial year, we are focusing on embedding the leading practices developed in 2020 across the Australian Government. Look out for a range of Centre-run workshops over the upcoming months.

We also want to share the wealth of knowledge in this community so I invite you to share your counter fraud experiences through our newsletter and website by contacting us.

Finally, make sure your team doesn't miss out on networking opportunities and important updates from us. Simply email us your team’s email address and we will add it to our mailing list.

Fraud in the vaccine rollout: a global snapshot

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins in Australia, we have been monitoring cases of vaccine program fraud across the globe to learn how fraudsters are taking advantage and how they have been stopped. Here's a snapshot of the some of the scams we’ve seen.

Learn about fraud in the vaccine rollout.

Counter Fraud Investment Cases: Leading Practice Guide

Discover how to create a convincing and compelling investment case to address the often hidden and underestimated problem of fraud. Our Counter Fraud Investment Cases: Leading Practice Guide, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, provides practical steps for developing counter fraud investment cases.

Access our Counter Fraud Investment Cases Leading Practice Guide.

Using URLS in public SMS communications

We have worked with the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Australian Federal Police's Operation Ashiba to develop cross-government guidance on using URLs in public SMS communications. The guide outlines how Australian Government entities should, or should not, use URLs in public SMS communications, and provides practical advice to reduce the risk of vulnerable Australians being scammed when this method of public communication is adopted. Contact us to request a copy.

New toolkits!

Fraud Messaging Toolkit

Our new Fraud Messaging Toolkit provides advice on how to use fraud messaging to communicate to would-be fraudsters that they may be caught if they commit fraud, and the consequences of being caught.

Economic Recovery Counter Fraud Toolkit

Our new Economic Recovery Counter Fraud Toolkit provides practical advice on how to identify common fraud threats and countermeasures to safeguard new policies and spending measures against fraud.

Disaster Relief and Recovery Counter Fraud Toolkit

Our new Disaster Relief and Recovery Counter Fraud Toolkit can help Australian Government entities to identify common fraud threats and countermeasures when designing and delivering disaster relief and recovery support measures to identify common fraud threats and countermeasures.

Contact us to request a copy of the above toolkits.

Add behavioural insights to your counter fraud toolbox

Strengthen your counter fraud activities by exploring human decision-making and what impacts it. Understanding the drivers behind decision-making can help you encourage compliance with program rules and obligations. We have three key tools to help you do this:

  • The Fraud Triangle.
  • Fraudster Personas.
  • Fraud case studies.

Understand how behavioural insights can help you counter fraud.

Pressure testing workshops

We are running one-on-one workshops during May and June to operationalise pressure testing. These workshops are tailored to each entity's needs and can include:

  • getting buy-in and support for pressure testing
  • strategic prioritisation for fraud risk assessments
  • identifying key/high risk controls
  • planning a pressure test
  • communicating outcomes and benefits from pressure testing.

The workshops run for half a day to a full day, and are aimed at entities looking to start or expand pressure testing. Places are limited, so get in quick!

Contact us if you are interested in participating in a workshop or joining the community of practice.

New case studies on

We have recently uploaded a number of new case studies to our growing online case studies register. We would like to thank Comcare and the Department of Defence for sharing case studies with the wider counter fraud community. Case studies help to demonstrate the spectrum of fraud and non-compliance that occurs in and against the Australian Government. Contact us if you are interested in contributing or submit your case studies through

Access our case studies.

Wrap up of our 2021 quarter 1 achievements

With a new year comes a fresh start, and the Centre has certainly started 2021 with a bang! Check out our quarter 1 achievements.

Find out what we achieved in quarter 1 2021.

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