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Our Quarterly Issue 2

Greetings from the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre

2020 is our year of delivery and we are excited to share our progress with you.

This year has tested everyone's ability to evolve and adapt in difficult circumstances. This has certainly been felt by the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre and our stakeholders. Delivering services and products during emergencies presents unique challenges but also unique opportunities to change our approaches.

We have been amazed at the collaboration and engagement of our stakeholders despite these unprecedented circumstances. Together, we have achieved so much this quarter.

You can read more about what we have been up to this quarter and some insights from our colleagues below.

Our new website

On Friday 31 July 2020 we launched our new website

The new website contains a huge range of new content and improvements:

  • Toolkits to help Australian Government entities prevent, detect and respond to fraud.
  • The Fraudster Personas have received a facelift!
  • Australia's first searchable collection of fraud case studies which have been cross referenced with the Centre’s Fraudster Personas and International Public Sector Fraud Forum (IPSFF) Total Impacts of Fraud Guide.
  • Updates to our countermeasures database to make them searchable and cross referenced with our Fraudster Personas.
  • Additional information which explores the Fraud Problem thoroughly.

Working together to safeguard Australia's COVID-19 response

After quickly recognising the need for a swift and coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre and the Australian Federal Police's Operation Ashiba combined forces between March and June to establish the Commonwealth COVID-19 Counter Fraud Taskforce (the Taskforce).

Discover more about the COVID-19 Counter Fraud Taskforce.

Our achievements this quarter

While redeploying our resources and efforts to the joint Commonwealth COVID-19 Counter Fraud Taskforce in March, the Centre was still able to further some of our existing 2020 priorities. These achievements have been outlined in this article.

Find out more about what we achieved in quarter 2, 2020.

Controlling fraud in the Australian Government bushfire and COVID-19 support measures

The Australian Government acts fast to support Australians. It established the National Bushfire Recovery Agency to support bushfire victims and introduced many measures to support Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, opportunistic fraudsters are taking advantage of this quick action. In response, the Centre has developed some key guiding principles to help reduce fraud during a rapid response.

Learn how to reduce fraud when rapidly responding to disasters.

Operation Ashiba and Taskforce Iris – Strengthening Australia's response to serious and organised fraud

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been working tirelessly with its partners to protect Australia's community. The AFP have two main Commonwealth fraud-related operations: Operation Ashiba and Operation Iris.

Find out what the AFP have been working on.

Insights into fraud: the 2019 Fraud Census

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre and the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) are working together to improve the evidence base on fraud against the Australian Government. The AIC has recently released statistical reports which present the findings of the most recent annual census of fraud against Australian Government entities.

Understand the 2019 Fraud Census.

Focussing on grants fraud

Grants are widely used to deliver valuable services and support to many Australians. They are also subject to significant integrity risks. Have you got some insights into fraud risks in grants administration? We want to hear from you.

Learn about fraud in grants.

ATO zeros in on COVID-19 fraud

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been focusing on fraud schemes against the government's COVID-19 stimulus and support measures. This article discusses the various methods the ATO is using to make sure payments reach those who need them.

Learn how ATO’s is zeroing in on COVID-19 fraud.

IPAA Spirit of Service interview with a Centre officer

In this video interview, the Centre's very own Assistant Director Deanne Allan speaks about the impacts of COVID-19 on her work, making adjustments to the new environment and what makes her proud to be a part of the Centre and the APS.

Go to the IPAA Spirit of Service video.

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