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Our July – December 2021 achievements


From July – December 2021, we focused on setting the Centre up for success for the next 4 years. Upon securing funding until 2024-25 during the May 2021 budget, we

onboarded a new team, planned and commenced our 2021-22 projects, delivered new guidance and supported the counter fraud community.

We developed our work plan for 2021-22

In consultation with stakeholders, we planned our 2021-22 projects to help solve the key counter fraud problems faced by the community. We also took this opportunity to release our tiered service offer to clearly communicate how we can support entities. Learn more about our plans on the Discover What We’re Doing page.

We hosted webinars and workshops and presented at events

We delivered 4 narrative workshops and 1 fraud risk workshop. We led a technical deep-dive on pressure testing to the International Public Sector Fraud Forum (IPSFF), and we worked with US colleagues to help coordinate an International Data Forum on Pandemic Oversight. During International Fraud Awareness Week, we hosted 6 webinars and presented at 4 external presentations that were attended by over 1,000 federal, state and territory government officials.

We facilitated stakeholder collaboration

We continued to bring senior officials together to discuss key issues by hosting 2 Counter Reference Group meetings (SES band 1) and 1 Commonwealth Senior Officers Fraud Forum (SES band 2) meeting. We also established and ran the first meetings of the Fraud Prevention Community of Practice and Fraud Detection and Measurement Community of Practice which now have over 150 members each. Learn more on the Connect and Share with the Counter Fraud Community page.

We produced new guidance

We released 2 toolkits, the Grants Administration Counter Fraud Toolkit and the Suitability Assessment Toolkit. We also released updated versions of our Strategic Fraud Risk Profiling Tool and Fraud Risk Assessment Template for user testing.

We continued to improve data and information sharing between entities

We helped four Australian Government entities commence new data pilots, resulting in a successful transfer of data to support the integrity of government programs and

functions. We continued to work closely with the Australian Institute of Criminology on the fraud census. We also developed and started implementing our Fraud Data Capability Strategy, which will include creating a suite of complementary products and supports to assist entities with sharing and analysing data, information and intelligence to counter fraud.

Author: Sam Eaton

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