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Our January – March 2022 achievements

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From January to March 2022, we progressed a range of projects, supported our stakeholders to build their counter fraud capability and planned out the remainder of 2022. Look out for the outcomes of our planning day, which will be circulated by the end of the financial year.

We continued to uplift our stakeholders through our capability service offer

Last year, we launched a dedicated service offer for entities looking to take proactive steps to increase their capability to identify and prevent fraud. In the last 3 months, our Counter Fraud Specialists continued to uplift the capability of 2 entities through:

  • attending workshops, reviewing documentation and providing advice on fraud risks and mitigations
  • delivering 5 workshops on fraud risk assessments, narrative, pressure testing and data sharing
  • providing guidance on developing fraud control plans and strategies as well as our innovative tools including our Fraudster Personas and Catalogue of Countermeasures
  • connecting entities to relevant stakeholders and communities.

We will continue to work closely with select entities on our service offer for the remainder of 2022. Contact us if you would like to nominate your entity to undertake this capability uplift.

We facilitated collaboration and networking

We hosted the Fraud Prevention Community of Practice and Fraud Detection and Measurement Community of Practice which collectively have over 220 unique members. The interest of the Counter Fraud Community in connecting and collaborating on the fight against fraud is inspiring. If you're an Australian Government official and haven't yet joined, contact us with your details (name, branch and role) to join.

We ran our senior executive band 1 Counter Fraud Reference Group meeting this quarter. In addition, we facilitated 3 cross-government roundtable discussions to ensure we captured the full range of challenges and opportunities on 3 key policy themes:

  • increasing access and use of data for compliance and integrity purposes
  • embedding integrity thinking into program design and implementation
  • shifting commonly held misconceptions around non-compliance and fraud.

Thank you to those who contributed during the roundtables and supporting us to draw these themes together. We have updated the strategic papers on each of these topics and they will be distributed this month.

We released new guidance and updated existing guidance

We released a 2022 version of the Fraud Risk Assessment Leading Practice Guidance and its accompanying tools. To check out the improvements visit the document in our library page. We also collaborated with international and domestic partners to release the latest International Public Sector Fraud Forum publication - A Guide to Pressure Testing. It will be live on the website soon but in the interim contact us for a copy.

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