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Our 2020 quarter 1 achievements

From January to March we have:

  • developed our Centre brochure to showcase our purpose and plan for 2020
  • supported the National Bushfire Recovery Agency through the development of a factsheet on the fraud risks and countermeasures relevant to a disaster response
  • began co-designing a Pressure Testing Framework that can be used by entities to review their fraud countermeasures and test their effectiveness to better understand their fraud vulnerabilities
  • developed a brochure on pressure testing
  • commenced discussions with entities about running pressure testing pilots
  • participated in the 2020 International Public Sector Fraud Forum (IPSFF)
  • developed “A guide to understanding the total impact of fraud” - which outlines how fraud is far more than a financial problem and can have serious and devastating human impact on its victims
  • completed the first round of baselining for 19 programs to explore their ability to counter fraud
  • produced guidance on personas and countermeasures
  • agreed on the final design of our website
  • developed a revitalised narrative  on Commonwealth fraud
  • released our first newsletter
  • shared guidance on creating fraud awareness training and the use of AI to fight fraud
  • agreed and commenced data pilots
  • led the Australian delegation to UK International Data Analytics Conference in Manchester UK.

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