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Fraud in Review Volume 2

International Fraud Awareness Week 2023 logo

International Fraud Awareness Week is a worldwide event held in the third week of November, with this year’s event taking place from November 12th to 18th. We are excited to announce the Centre's theme will be Fraud Prevention in Focus.

We will be releasing resource packages to support entities to plan their own activities for Fraud Awareness Week. Resources are being finalised in the background, so please keep an eye out for an email in the coming weeks with more details.

The Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework is undergoing a refresh

Fraud Control Testing is going international! Read about the draft United Kingdom Fraud Control Testing Framework and the updates being made to our Commonwealth Pressure Testing Framework.

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Fraud Control Framework review update

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The release of the Fraud & Corruption Rule and Policy has been delayed. The Centre will continue to provide updates on this process as they occur.

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The annual Fraud Against the Commonwealth census – what’s new and what’s changing?

It’s that time of year when entities are asked to complete the Fraud Against the Commonwealth census. Read about how your entity can help promote transparency, as well as upcoming changes that will impact reporting requirements.

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“Many eyeballs make all bugs shallow”: Why a strong integrity culture is critical to fraud prevention.

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The best way to manage fraud is to focus efforts on developing a strong culture that promotes and values fraud prevention. Afterall, if you can’t find fraud, you can’t fight it.

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An Australian’s perspective: working at the heart of the UK Government’s Counter Fraud Function

Between April and July 2023, Chris McDermott from Australia’s Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre was seconded to the UK’s Public Sector Fraud Authority. The CEO of the PSFA, Mark Cheeseman, sat down with Chris to reflect on his time working in the centre of the UK’s Counter Fraud Function.

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Publication Releases

Handbook of Fraud Control Testing

The Handbook of Fraud Control Testing methods is a publication of the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre, designed for use by counter-fraud officials. The handbook provides practical guidance on the variety of methods that can be used to test the effectiveness of fraud and corruption controls. It outlines the benefits and limitations of each testing method and provides examples of each method in practice.

To request a copy, please contact the Centre.

Cross-Government Fraud Landscape Annual Report 2022

The Counter Fraud Centre’s fraud and corruption resources are now available on New Zealand's Serious Fraud Office website.

If you are new to counter fraud, the Fraud Office suggests starting with some of their fraud awareness basics to help build a foundation of counter fraud knowledge. Alongside these foundational resources, there are subject specific guides on fraud during times of disaster, fraud risk assessments and pressure testing.

If you are looking for your next podcast, have a look at a list of their favourite fraud, corruption and bribery related podcasts.

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Fraud Prevention Standard for Counter Fraud Professionals

The Fraud Prevention Standard for Counter Fraud Professionals is a publication of the UK's Public Sector Fraud Authority. The publication provides fraud prevention standards which aim to create a consistent cross-government approach across the United Kingdom to countering fraud, raise the capability of counter fraud professionals and, through this, to increase the quality of organisations’ counter fraud work. The publication was developed in collaboration with the Centre as part of the PSFA/CFPC partnership and incorporates a broad range of the Centre’s tools and leading practice guidance to aid counter fraud professionals to implement effective fraud prevention processes.

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Case Study Spotlight

A woman who exploited a program designed to help people affected by the mouse plague in NSW was sentenced in the Wagga Wagga local court.

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Fraud in the Media

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