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Fraud in Review Volume 1

Welcome to the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre’s first Fraud in Review.

This publication will be replacing our quarterly Newsletters.

Please contact if there is any particular:

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Aus and UK partner against fraud

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The United Kingdom’s Public Sector Fraud Authority and the CFPC entered into a counter-fraud partnership on 23 February 2023. The partnership will help Australia and the UK build capabilities to protect public sector entities.

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Using gamification to enhance mandatory training and improve compliance

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Government employees are required to complete mandatory training covering high-risk areas including fraud and corruption. But are they engaged with the material? Take a look at some of the ways you can use gamification techniques to improve learning outcomes and compliance.

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Consultation on the fraud and corruption policy

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The Centre's updates to the current fraud policy are being finalised. Read about the current status of the policy, as well as the next steps in the Centre's ongoing review of the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework.

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Publication releases

Insider Threat

This guide is an Australian Government initiative providing an overview of how entities can understand, identify and prevent insider threat. The guide focuses on the importance of establishing a pro-integrity organisational culture and  preventative measures. The guide has been designed for entities to use as an educational tool for government employees from all levels of the APS.

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Cross-Government Fraud Landscape Annual Report 2022

This report focuses on the public sector fraud landscape in the UK's central government, and the levels of fraud and error loss outside of the tax and welfare system.

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Countering the insider threat - a security manager’s guide

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has released Countering the insider threat: A security manager’s guide. The guide provides advice to government and industry security managers on insider threats and how to develop a Counter Insider Threat Program.

For access to this publication, please contact Outreach.

Tackling fraud and corruption against government

This report sets out the recent trends from the UK's audits and reports, reviews how well-placed the government is to understand and tackle fraud and corruption and sets out insights from our work and engagement with experts on what more the government can do to prevent fraud and corruption.

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Fraud risk management guide

The Office of the Auditor General for Western Australia has released the Fraud Risk Management - Better Practice Guide. This guide aims to help entities improve their fraud resilience and raise the standard of fraud and corruption control across the public sector.

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New PSFA Internal Fraud Prevention Guide

The United Kingdom’s Public Sector Fraud Authority, in collaboration with the CFPC, has released a new tool to increase capability in Internal Fraud Prevention.

If you would like a copy of the PSFA Internal Fraud Prevention Guide, please contact the Centre at

Case study spotlight

A former Services Australia employee used their position to create a fictional identity and claim Jobseeker payments over March and April 2021 totalling $3,828. The staff member created a JobSeeker claim for the fake identity, entering notes into the system to falsify authenticity, and directed the payments for the identity to his son’s bank account.

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Fraud in the media

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