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Fraud Risk Assessment Guidance and Tools

Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre
Publication date
March 2022

Fraud Risk Assessment Leading Practice Guide

The fraud risk assessment guide provides key principles and methods taken from leading practices across public and private sectors. Australian Government entities can apply or adapt these methods to suit their individual circumstances. The guide will also help fraud specialists, government officials (including policy designers) and senior leaders better understand the fraud risk assessment process and how these assessments can benefit their entity.

The Fraud Risk Assessment Template

The Fraud Risk Assessment Template can help you record, assess and evaluate detailed/operational-level fraud risks in a consistent way.

The Strategic Fraud Risk Profiling Tool

The Strategic Fraud Risk Profiling Tool is designed to help Australian Government officials identify high risk areas while prioritising efforts in their entities. It is good practice to first develop a strategic fraud risk profile for your organisation before embarking on a detailed fraud risk assessment.

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