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Australian Government Investigations Standards

Australian Federal Police
Publication date
January 2011

The Australian Government Investigations Standards provide the minimum standard of conduct for entities conducting investigations into programs and legislation they administer. They are designed so entities (both large and small) can apply them and maintain a minimum quality standard within investigations. All non-corporate Commonwealth entities must keep to these standards.

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Please note: The Australian Federal Police have released a 2022 version of the Australian Government Investigations Standards. When publishing the 2022 version of the AGIS, the AFP did not outline a date for entities to transfer their approaches from the requirements of the AGIS 2011 to the updated requirements in AGIS 2022. Instead, they advised that entities should start a proactive implementation plan and prioritise actions/requirements to meet the standard where possible in a reasonable timeframe. Where this is not possible, the decision must be documented and can be audited.

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