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Discover different types of fraudsters

Fraudster Personas can help you and your entity be more aware of the common methods used by fraudsters by putting you in the mindset of a fraudster.

Understanding fraud risk is a creative process and it helps to think like a fraudster when evaluating processes and countermeasures. Case studies reveal that those who commit fraud tend to use common tried and tested methods. Knowing what these common methods are can help you anticipate how fraudsters might target a government program or function.

The Fraudster Personas are informed from case studies and can help you more easily understand the different actions fraudsters use to target government programs and functions. They will also help you identify vulnerabilities in your programs or functions or find where you are being exploited.

Use the Fraudster Personas in combination with the common countermeasures to:

For more information download our Guide on the Practical Use of Fraudster Personas, which will teach you how to use the Personas in 8 very practical ways to underpin your counter fraud capability.

The following 8 Fraudster Personas represent who will try to defraud you and how they will do it.

Fraudsters often use a variety of methods from several different personas. For example they may deceive a public official, impersonate another individual, fabricate evidence and then conceal their activity.

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