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Woman steals $600K from Aged Care residents

Date published
December 2019

Relevant impacts: Human impact, financial impact and business impact

A Melbourne woman was convicted of fraud after using $600,000 worth of resident’s deposits from an Aged Care facility. The company went into liquidation shortly afterwards leaving 42 residents without a home and debts of $4.5 million. She deceived residents when she told them their deposit money would be held in a trust account and that interest gained from the money would be used to reduce accommodation fees.

Related countermeasures

Conduct internal or external audits or reviews to evaluate the process, purpose and outcome of activities. Clients, public officials or contractors can take advantage of weaknesses in government programs and systems to commit fraud, act corruptly, and avoid exposure.

Reconcile records to make sure that two sets of records (usually the balances of two accounts) match. Reconciling records and accounts can detect if something is different from what is standard, normal, or expected, which may indicate fraud.

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